Time Bender – C2, Connected souls

What dreams really are? Could they ever become real?

Chapter 2- Connected souls

The sun was burning in a hot summer of July and little Jenny, at the age of 5 was playing with her dolls on the carpet of the living room next to her younger brother. Her mother was sitting next to them on the armchair reading a book. Little Jenny laid down on the sofa having troubles breathing while saying to her mother “mom, dad has trouble breathing, he has pain in his chest and he feels really hot”.

Her frightened mother immediately handed her dose of asthmatic spray and pills. Jenny calmed in her mother’s arms and said “I am ok mummy, is daddy that’s not ok. His heart was really hurting him. I dreamed of this last night and now I just felt”.  Her mother’s reaction was very strict and said it was nothing and asked her never to talk about this with anyone because people miss-understand what they don’t understand.

A few minutes later,Jenny’s mother received a call from the hospital; her husband had just suffered a heart attack and he was stable…

This was the first time that Jenny can remember of, having such insights and soul bonding moments. Many followed after this…




Time Bender

Chapter 1 – Alone

Time Bender


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