Time Bender – C1, Alone

Where should I go? To the left, where there’s nothing right? Or to the right, where there’s nothing left?

Chapter 1 – Alone


After all has been said and done, this seemed the only path to take.

Georgia has laid the first hand. Jenny knew that it should consider this even if she would have to step on her pride. Jenny had left only mess and destruction and there was nothing else to be done. For yet another time, she had to move on. And this time she promised herself it will be the last time. She murmured to herself ,while packing “I’m the worst in the world, nobody wants me”.

She was very scared of the unknown and that she would have to start all over again, her life from 0 but ,she knew that she had the power to do it. Jenny, had parents and many brothers but she was always alone. None could actually ever understand her and sometimes she may have even been misunderstood. The only person thatJenny could talk to was her 2 best friends Paula and Stella. But, like everybody in her life, they left. People in Jenny’s life have always forgotten her, left her alone or died. In some cases, she was the one tired to pretend and begun taking distance from people in her life. Since Jenny was a kid, she was very poor and an outsider. The only friend she had was Paula but it only lasted from half gymnasium becauseJenny moved they lost touch. It was her fault for not keeping in touch. She felt ashamed and inferior and her easy way out was to cut communication. Stella died. Jenny and Stella became good friends after having an argument. It started when Jenny moved to a new high school and it lasted long after that until Stella died in a car crash at the age of 23.

Jenny, despite the above good friendships she had, she could never speak from the heart and express herself freely because she was afraid. She knew that she was her own special creation and that she may actually be crazy.  She never had a true real friend again.

At the age of almost 28, she was still looking for the real love in her life, a career that would please her and bring her independency. She was still looking to find herself and the place she belongs to. She knew something was not right, she felt her destiny would not just be this.

What she didn’t really knew, is how right she was…


The Chapter 2 will be released soon.


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