Under the Desert Sun C1

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”G.K. Chesterton

Chapter 1 – Under the Sun’s light, everything shines…

The most important moment in her life has arrived. Diane was finally getting married to the man of her dreams, Nathan. He was all what she wanted and the engagement announcement was supposed to happen at the tonight ‘s arranged dinner , which was to to begin in 30 minutes. Diane was ready and she was more excited than ever.  She was always afraid of not finding the one  to love and to love her back. She felt so emotional now that the greatest moment was so close to happen that she couldn’t start getting ready yet, sitting at her dresser watching the engagement ring over and over again, telling herself in the mirror “You deserve to be happy to, you deserve to be loved too”.

The door bell rang just 30 minutes before the dinner.

– Don’t worry baby, I’ll get the door. Said Nathan while opening the door.

He was still with the open shirt leaving to view his well shaped abdomens and pectorals. Nathan used to be a Navy Seal and now is running his family corporation, after his dad passed away.

Diane was always a mystery for him even though he knew her well, there were always some parts in the past that have been left undiscussed. This was one of the part he loved about her. Nathan never pressured her on opening to him. All that was important to know, he knew. He has met her sisters and brothers and knew that she originated from a very poor family. When he met her, she was a sweet girl that needed the love and protection of a real strong man. She was also the most beautiful creature he has ever saw and felt in love with her right away. They met in a dark alley during a raining night and Diane was walking towards her car when some smugglers tried to attack her. Thats when prince charming saved her and invited her for a hot chocolate to make her feel better.

“-Oh hi Nancy, glad to see you. You are a bit early, the dinner doesn’t start for another half an hour.” Nathan was surprised to see Nancy so early.

“-Hi Nathan, glad to see you too! I know … its a …its an emergency, can I see Diane please? “Nancy could barely speak, taking breaths after her each word. She seems nervous and frightened. Nathan invited her in.

“-Yes, of course, no need to be asking. You don’t mind me asking, but its everything al right? I don’t see you very well. Has something happened? “

“-Oh no, don’t worry about me, I am just very excited and nervous about tonight. “

“-Alright, Diane is upstairs in the bedroom, still getting ready. Maybe you can give her a hand to hurry up.” Nathan said that with a polite smile on his face while buttoning his shirt.

Nancy started running up the stairs before Nathan could even finish his sentence, arriving at Diane’s door and knocking insistently and barging in before Diane’s got the chance to answer.

As Nancy walks through the door, changing the colour of her face, becoming more and more frightened, collapsed on the bed side, looking at Diane with her eyes dipped in tears. In the same second, Diane turns and see’s Nancy, like she knew what was happening and somehow expecting it.

“-You can’t go through with this marriage Diane. Its him! You can’t merry him. ” said Nancy, while dropping tears like waterfalls from her eyes.

“-Oh… ! ” Diane did not have words to express her feelings but you could see and feel her pain and suffering in that moment. She was holding her belly and looked cold as ice, while Nancy approached her for sympathy and support. Diane then opened the dresser drawer and pulled a rusty key, looking at it intensively.

“-Don’t worry about me Nancy, I will be ok. ” Diane was holding the key and looked at it like she knew that she will not be fine and that the end may have come. Nancy got scared seeing Diane this way, like she had lost hope.

“-My dearest Nancy, you have always been a good friend of mine and i thank you fir this. I do not want to involved in this and never come to this house again. “

Thats when Nancy knew that things will never be the same. Diane, left the room, leaving her alone without a word in the room. “She just needs a minute to calm down” Nancy thought, and went downstairs for a glass of water.

Downstairs, Nathan was giving indications to the maid for the dinner when he saw Nancy all cried out.

“-Nancy dear, are you ok? Have you cried?”

“-I am fine Nathan, I am just so sensitive an emotional. I am looking for Diane, I think she came downstairs, did you see her?”

“Diane? No, she didn’t come downstairs at all. Let me go and check upon her. ”  Nathan goes upstairs. He enters the bedroom and find the red dress that he gave Diane as a present for tonight’s dinner, on the bed with the note “I love you Nathan, you are the man of my dreams, but I really need to end this for our both’s sake. ” 

The world around him collapsed while the note falls down of his hand. He sits slowly on the bed, being overwhelmed of sadness and despair. His eyes started watering and his fist were so tight that his hand got numb from the blocked blood circulation. He takes a moment to understand what just happened. He starts walking calmly towards the open window and as he look outside in the garden, he sees the red dresses’ scarf wondering in the wind.  He can’t keep himself calm anymore and starts crying and hitting the dresser breaking the mirror. Along with the shattered glass on the floor, a photograph which appears to have been hidden on the back of the dresser’s mirror, has been revealed.

His hands were shaken as he sees the picture of Diane. He would never imagine such thing. He was shocked!  Diane was not who she said she was. She was holding a gun and wearing a bourka!

“Oh my God! What the fuck just happened? This is not possible! ” Nathan fell on his knees  crying and screaming while he saw throws away the picture of Diane.  Nancy walks in the room and picks up the photograph, starring into his Nathan’s eyes… having no words to say.

“-I am sorry Nathan. I did not believe this would ever happen. “

“-You knew about this? Tell me, did you know?” Nathan started screaming at Nancy while heading towards her. He was very angry and capable of anything at that moment. Nancy got scared and tried to run when Nathan grabbed her by the hand.

“-Did you know that Diane was a terrorist?”

“-Nathan, I am sorry. Whatever shines under the sun, doesn’t necessary mean is gold…”


The chapter 2 will be soon uploaded.





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