Letters to a Stranger. Soon, a new romance story that will tremble your body and fill you with desire

[…] Between the white silk sheets and the gardenia freshly cut flowers, there it was, the letter box.

The emotions she felt could not be contemplated in her chest anymore. Her body was shaking from its core and the desire started growing stronger and stronger with each breath she was taking. She then grabbed the letter box and, as she opened it, she finally figured it out… he was real….woman-1008881_1280

He was standing by the window, in the sun’s light and she couldn’t see his face. “Who is this mystery man that has filled my nights with love and passion and made me feel woman again, loved and worshiped? ” He started slowly walking towards her bed, so slowly that the curtains started too late to block the strong sun light, in order to reveal his face inch by inch. He was wearing an unbuttoned white shirt, an open papillon and black trousers. His outfit seemed formal, like the outfits men were wearing at the last night’s party.

As he was coming closer and closer, she realised it was him al along. She had no words to say anymore, she froze as he grabbed her in his strong bulky arms and watched her in directly in the eyes “You are mine Georgia, you were always meant to be mine, you just couldn’t see it and now that I found you, I will not let you go away”  […]”

This book is dedicate for those who fear loneliness. You are not alone and you will never be.

Do not e afraid to open yourself to love again. Its a matter of perspective, for each one of us, the fate is written, we just need to read it better…

Due to the explicit content contained in this book, the “Letters to a Stranger” shall be available by downloading the e-book only. If you have suscribed to the blog, you will get notified when this book becomes available.

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