Time Bender – C3, I was here…

“Time travel used to be thought of as just science fiction, but Einstein’s general theory of relativity allows for the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that you could go off in a rocket and return before you set out.” Stephen Hawking

Chapter 3 – I was here…

The blankness of the future was so scaring and the past… she couldn’t even rely on her past since she couldn’t remember too much of it.  For some reason, her memories started at the age of 14. Anything before was blank, blank and flashes of unknown people and places. The only familiar object in what she could remember in flashes was her pendant, a sphere. Nothing in it, nothing on it. Just a small metallic  sphere. And the voices , oh the voices in her head, they would never stop. They would only say “come back home” and “look for the light”. She would constantly hear these voices, another reason she thought she was crazy.


“Mum! I’m back! And I am hungry!” Jenny had entered her parents house and announced her return…

“Oh Jenny, I am so sorry for your break up. Its his lose not yours”. Her mother hugged her right away.

“Mum, I don’t really want to speak about this, besides, it was me that did everything wrong. Is me. It was always me. I think something is wrong with me and I just can’t figure it out. I mean, think about it, why I cant even remember my childhood.”

“Honey. you are perfectly fine. You are more special than you think. You just don’t know it yet. The time is yours and you can do whatever you want”.

“Time is mine? You mean I have all time in front of me? Mum, this is exactly the thing, I do not have time. Time is the only thing that we don’t have.I will soon be old and look back to my life realizing that I didn’t realize anything!” She headed up to her old room while still murmuring about the time.

She went to sleep crying and thinking of her purpose and place in the world. She had none… she was depressed. She lighted a candle and got into her bed, watching the flame dancing and the spectrum of color changing as they were moving. She was starring at the flame so intense that it actually stopped moving. She starred at it so deep that it took her few seconds to realize that the flame wasn’t dancing anymore. She instantly jumped from the bed  and stood in the middle of the room looking around her. The bed’s cover was in the air as she threw it and she jumped and everything looked frozen. Nothing was moving. She panicked and she touched her pendant unconsciously. The pendant flew and in front of her eyes opened and released a strong light. So strong that she felt on the floor looking at the ceiling rotating over her body faster and faster while everything round her became dark, black.


“Angie! Wake up you will lose the school bus and I am definitely not taking you to school.” Jenna woke up hearing the voice from somewhere… she wide opened her eyes and looked around her.. she was in another room. The room was pink and had posters all over the walls. “This Not my room! What the fuck? Where am I? What happened?” Jenny was trying to recollect what happened and what was the last thing she could remember. Nothing, all was blank.

“Angie honey, why aren’t you ready yet? Come on, dress up you only got 15 minutes to catch the bus.” Her mum didn’t look like her mum… Jenny starred at the woman that had just entered the room and had already began tiding it up.

“Who are you?” these were the only words she could get of her mouth.

“Nice try Angie but its not going to work. You are not sick and you are not skipping school today.”

Jenny got out of the bed and went to the mirror to see if she is still Jenny. She was but at a younger age, a teenager and she was wearing the same pendant. The sun’s light was reflecting in the mirror and then back on the metallic sphere she was wearing. It was a beautiful simple thing, her only connecting to the past. She touched it and the sphere levitated in the air again releasing the same strong light as it did earlier, only this time she didn’t fell and she stood in one place watching again how everything around her would rotate faster and faster and from light, becoming dark and black again…

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Noise, so much noise. Crown shouting around her, she could hear them from every side but the light was so strong that she couldn’t see anything around her. There was what appeared to be a ceiling full of moving light reflectors. She was on a stage! Her eyes started to get used to the environment and when searching round her for clues of where she might be…it was too late. She got punched in the face.”Oh Fuck!” I’m in a fight ring! What the hell am I doing here?”.  A huge woman wearing boxing gloves was coming like a tiger towards her, to hit her. She seemed so ferocious and angry and she knew she had to escape. She touched the pendant again but nothing happened. Yet another stroke. The tiger woman hit her in the stomach. Jenna’s breath was taken by the pain and the impact of the punch she just sucked causing her to fell on the ring’s floor. Everything seemed to be far, the noise, the voices, the crowd screams, even the lights on the ceiling. A single voice could be differentiate from the rest of the sounds and noises.. it was in her head “have you had enough? we can do this forever, it will never change. you must accept your destiny”. Use the light to follow my voice, come back home.”

The reflectors light was giving her the spotlight she needed. The referee was counting “1,2,3…” she touched her pendant hopping to disappear from that scary place. She managed to escape that place and then another place followed, again and again, each time, she was someone else living another life, another reality.

“Welcome back. Drink this, you will feel better, you are dehydrated”. Her mum was sitting on the bed next to her, the room was dark and she was holding a glass of water. The water was moving so fast in the glass that it almost got spilled from the hand’s shaking of the frightened mother. She looked like she’d seen a ghost…

“-Honey, we need to talk. Before you black out again. He is looking for you and you have’t finished your …”. She didn’t finish her words as she got interrupted by a strong light. They ran to the window they witness a great unexplained light. The day became night within seconds, the cold became unbearable and black dust was surrounding the house and the yard. The light started to become darker and darker and everything around started rotating at the speed of sound. Suddenly, her mother started shinning like a crystal and disintegrating into the dark matter that was surrounding them. Slowly slowly she was perishing, but not before handing her a

“Do not forget me, I existed, I was here! Keep this, to always remember” said her mother handing her another pendant right before she vanished in the dark dust…


Chapter 4 will be released soon and relevant announcement shall be posted on the blog.

Time Bender

Time Bender

Chapter 1 – Alone

Chapter 2 – Connected Souls



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