When I write…

When I write… is the only time when I can actually be myself. I write because I found my real self, I put on writing my ideas and thoughts, my inner demons that travel within my mind.  When I sit at my desk and write, I can write for hours with no stop. The ideas, the scenarios in my mind are downloading like thunders and flashes in mind, fighting each other, which one to come out first! They scream like: put this and then write this, and this.. no! Use this and…OMG!  Sometimes is crazy.

When I type my stories is like I play piano on the chords of fate. I create a character, I give him life and a unique personality. I give him love and friends, a family and sometimes much more… And then, I do what ever I want with him. My demons control his life, his friend’s lifes… I control the story. I control his fate!IMG_2003

This is the amazing power that a writer has. Its not about the money, its not about the glory, its not the best selling book that makes us, the writers, live our story! We live though the stories we create and as many readers as they read them, the more the story enlarges and completes itself from the people that find themsels similar with the characters and their lifes.  Its the creation, its the story that needs to be heard!

I still feel sometimes like I am living my own stories while I write and I can caught up in my dreams. Its almost like loosing touch on reality but it doesnt matter.

I write because its what I know to do best, I write because I have been hidding as ghost writer for  a too long time.  The pain in being a ghost writer is that the credited author can manipulate your story and play with the characters contaminating and changing the row of events with some mediocre commercial bulshit, just because it sells better. I decided to stand up for what I belive and started writing with my name on, on my own blog. I may never become known, and my stories will never hit the screen or the best selling’ shelfs, but I know that it will touch the reader’s hearts and stimulate images in their minds.

As such dear readers, unfortunately, the release of the “Letters to a Stranger” cannot be yet effected due to publisher’ requests and offer, with the contingency of not freely releasing and publicise the content of this novel. If this story will not be free published after all (altough I dont really think I will take this deal because they are messing with my characters), I shall provide a free copy to my subscribers which read my stories and await for this novel.

The goal of this blog is not to make money or to became a big fat writer. The goal of this blog is to take out from my mind all the stories and thoughts I have and create entertaining reading novels and stories to reach out the audience that will motivate me to write and release my mind. I am not good with speaches, I am terrible person to have a conversation with, whatever I want to say just comes out wrong. But then, when I write my words, they come out the way I want to…

Thank you all for showing support and for reading my blog.

The best reward a writer can have:  readers!

Apostolia A.S.



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