Cursed wings

When the lonely moon guards over the blue surroundings

And a silver playful raze drains shy through the curtains,

Spreading my dusty wings,

I shall follow the light till your room

And while whispering my name in your ear,

I shall lay my head down on your pillow.

Then i will be feeding your dreams with kisses on eyelids

Watching your breath moving your chest…


How i missed to see your face bathed by the sun’s warmth

The colour of day reflecting your skin penetrating through the thin cloth

I’m cursed to only visit you at night, Im cursed not to see the deep blue of your eyes..

I’m cursed to keep the veil of the moon over my face

And you are cursed my love to have mortal blood in your veins.


Over and over i feel the cold of the night,

The mother that cursed me for falling from sky

To have to dream and suffer for a human knight

That can never open his eyes when I’m by his side




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