Sun Mermaid

The sea was blue-green, flecked with gold. She undid the buttons and slipped her arms out of the sleeves and grasped her forearms, seeming to luxuriate in the sun’s heat on her skin. Then with a quick movement she unhooked a strap and let the cups falling away, exposing her breast to the warm sun.
His mouth opened as she loses the rest of the clothes waving sensually her body in the gaze of the glittering sand. The nakedness, the warmth on every inch of her body was sparkling and steaming lush. She arched her back and gave herself to the sun. He was hers and not hers. Always giving not quite enough, holding back, than taking himself away altogether. The buttery gleam of her pleasure gave way to sudden hot anger as she exclaimed: I’m not letting you go again!



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