I was expecting you…

I knew you before I met you,

I felt your breath on my skin nights in the row,

You counted my tears for years in queue,

Felt your presence in my life every day, even more…


Your face is still unseen by me,

Don’t want to lose the mystery,

Don’t want to lose what I never really had…

I fear for losing your face from my mind…


My hands are looking for yours in the dark

But are you real?

Or is just me dreaming for an untouched star…

But love knows you better.


When i’ll touch you I’ll die, this is the death my soul shall have,

If love feels this way, then please keep me safe from harm

The lips’ contact my hearth shall carve

I’ll then chose to only live holding your hand.


Stepping on time…Release my mind in the air that you breath,

Enter your mind…I wanna stay there for ever…

Not for a second, not for a day…

Embracing our nakedness in the starlight’s blanket…




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