My passion, if not story telling, is story writing.

Since I was a child I dreamt of people and places that I haven’t actually ever met or seen. Some of them were really scary and some really interesting. I was into reading since I learned how to read, and I read hundreds of books. I was also a big lier and invented so many stories. Now, I decided to put my creativity to work and get the best I can from my biggest flaw, the lie. I have finally taken the decision to write my own stories, inspired from the dreams I see and lies I tell. The stories I write are purely created by myself involving the necessary research on the subject matter.

The stories I create are not be copied or re-used in any way, what’s so ever. If you wish to refer or copy any of the content found on this blog, you need to get my written consent and also include a reference link to my blog.

I really hope readers will enjoy my stories and experience great feelings through my characters’ adventures.

The best reward a writer can have, readers!