I was expecting you…

I knew you before I met you,

I felt your breath on my skin nights in the row,

You counted my tears for years in queue,

Felt your presence in my life every day, even more…


Your face is still unseen by me,

Don’t want to lose the mystery,

Don’t want to lose what I never really had…

I fear for losing your face from my mind…


My hands are looking for yours in the dark

But are you real?

Or is just me dreaming for an untouched star…

But love knows you better.


When i’ll touch you I’ll die, this is the death my soul shall have,

If love feels this way, then please keep me safe from harm

The lips’ contact my hearth shall carve

I’ll then chose to only live holding your hand.


Stepping on time…Release my mind in the air that you breath,

Enter your mind…I wanna stay there for ever…

Not for a second, not for a day…

Embracing our nakedness in the starlight’s blanket…




Sweet Morning

I love the fresh morning smell 🌼 that tickles my senses,

I like to watch your eyes frowning to fight the sun’s 🌞embracing light while attempting to wake up…

I’m leaving my silky robe fall slowly over my shoulder to feel your plummy lips and warm 👄breath touch my skin.

I let me myself pulled down between the deep blue sea 🌊 of sheets…. and choose elation for myself.

Sun Mermaid

The sea was blue-green, flecked with gold. She undid the buttons and slipped her arms out of the sleeves and grasped her forearms, seeming to luxuriate in the sun’s heat on her skin. Then with a quick movement she unhooked a strap and let the cups falling away, exposing her breast to the warm sun.
His mouth opened as she loses the rest of the clothes waving sensually her body in the gaze of the glittering sand. The nakedness, the warmth on every inch of her body was sparkling and steaming lush. She arched her back and gave herself to the sun. He was hers and not hers. Always giving not quite enough, holding back, than taking himself away altogether. The buttery gleam of her pleasure gave way to sudden hot anger as she exclaimed: I’m not letting you go again!


Cursed wings

When the lonely moon guards over the blue surroundings

And a silver playful raze drains shy through the curtains,

Spreading my dusty wings,

I shall follow the light till your room

And while whispering my name in your ear,

I shall lay my head down on your pillow.

Then i will be feeding your dreams with kisses on eyelids

Watching your breath moving your chest…


How i missed to see your face bathed by the sun’s warmth

The colour of day reflecting your skin penetrating through the thin cloth

I’m cursed to only visit you at night, Im cursed not to see the deep blue of your eyes..

I’m cursed to keep the veil of the moon over my face

And you are cursed my love to have mortal blood in your veins.


Over and over i feel the cold of the night,

The mother that cursed me for falling from sky

To have to dream and suffer for a human knight

That can never open his eyes when I’m by his side