“The conventional view of mysteries, as explained by Auden, for example, is as an  essentially conservative genre. A crime disturbs the status quo; we readers get to enjoy the transgressive thrill, then observe approvingly as the detective, agent of social order, sets things right at the end.  We finish our coca and tuck ourselves in, safe and sound….But what this theory fails to take into account is the next book, the next murder, and the next.  When you line up all the Poirots, all the Maigrets, all the Lew Archers
and Matt Scudders, what you get is something far stranger and more familiar: a world where mysterious destructive forces are constantly erupting and where all solutions are temporary, slight pauses during which we take a breath before the next case.”


Mystery Stories:

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Under the Desert Sun  – Chapter 1, Under the sun’s light, everyhting shines

Under the Desert Sun – Chapter 2, Breadcrumbs

Under the Desert Sun (3)